kond is one of the oldest existing districts located in central yerevan, which keeps native planning in most areas, and an old atmosphere.



conditions of living in kond are far from the best - poor communication system, sewage, living conditions. but locals live there, still hoping for the best.


mainly ignored by local government and society, kond stays there to be demolished one day. nothing is clear.

tons of ideas exist about what can kond be transformed to, but a few actions are made.

#KONDGALLERY is an urban contemporary partisan movement founded by YEREVANTROPICS, aimed to change the meaning of existence of the district.

Short video story about the district and initiative

Meet artists participated in this non profit initiative

#kondgallery is located in downtown yerevan, next to famous saryan str

Feel free to get in touch if you wish to paint in kond, or have any other inquieries